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Sunlight Financial, LLC

Headquarters: USA
Date of Initial Investment: 2014

Sunlight’s loan products offer homeowners the combined benefits of system ownership, immediate savings on their energy bills, a hedge against future electricity rate increases and the satisfaction of promoting a clean, renewable energy source. The company offers its loan products through leading installers nationwide. For more on Sunlight Financial, visit their website at


Adenium Solar

Headquarters: Japan
Date of Initial Investment: 2015

Hudson provided a commitment to acquire up to 40% of the developer’s initial 66.8MW portfolio of solar projects through a partnership vehicle. The portfolio consists of 3 solar PV project sites at various stages of development. The projects are jointly owned alongside developer Adenium Energy Capital (“Adenium”). Adenium has successfully financed and constructed large scale solar projects in Japan.


Sky Solar

Headquarters: USA, Canada
Date of Initial Investment: 2015

Hudson has partnered with Sky Solar, a NASDAQ listed solar developer, to finance a pipeline of utility-scale solar projects in Latin America and the U.S. with an initial commitment of up to $100 million. In 2016, the partnership acquired a portfolio of operating projects in the U.S. and began construction on a portfolio of utility-scale assets in Uruguay. The developer is a leading global IPP that develops, owns and operates solar parks around the world; has developed and completed 200 solar parks with a total capacity of more than 181MW, of which the company owns and operates more than 90MW. The developer has a pipeline of over 1.3GW in countries such as Chile, Uruguay, Japan, Canada and South Africa and is actively focused on expanding its presence in North America.



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