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Recurrent Energy

Recurrent Energy

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Date of Initial Investment: 2008

Recurrent Energy is an independent power producer and a leading developer of distributed solar photovoltaic (“PV”) projects for utilities, government and commercial customers. The distributed power business is characterized by the consolidated ownership of a distributed portfolio of sub-utility scale generation assets where the PPAs and feed-in tariffs provide high visibility revenue streams that are contracted for 15 - 20 years. In November 2010, Hudson sold the company to Sharp Energy Corporation of Japan. 

Landis + Gyr

Headquarters: Zug, Switzerland
Date of Initial Investment: 2010

Landis + Gyr is a leading global supplier of electricity meters and a global leader in energy management solutions for utilities. Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, the company has operations across 30 countries with over 5,000 employees and 8,000 customers worldwide. The company supplies both traditional meters used mainly to measure electricity consumption and smart meters embedded with advanced communication functionality. Landis + Gyr is well positioned to capitalize on attractive industry dynamics due to its strong market position and broad product portfolio. The company was acquired by Toshiba Corporation in July 2011.


GSE Investment Corporation





Green Campus Partners

Headquarters: Edison, NJ
Date of Initial Investment: 2010

Green Campus Partners (“GCP”) is a pioneering development and financial solutions firm for the rapidly expanding energy efficiency and distributed generation markets. Led by a group of highly experienced energy services and financial executives with over 80 years experience, GCP focuses on development, financing, and implementation of projects in two key energy services segments: energy efficiency and distributed generation. Delivery partners include leading energy services companies and project financiers, who work with GCP to help its end-use clients achieve their energy, facility infrastructure and overall financial objectives. In March 2015, the company was acquired by Sterling National Bank.










Element Power

Element Power

Headquarters: London
Date of Initial Investment: 2008

Element Power is focused on global utility-scale renewable power generation, specifically in wind and solar power. With a strong management team, Element is well-positioned to develop and acquire a portfolio of high-value wind and solar generation assets. Element Power is expected to generate superior returns in the rapidly expanding renewable energy market by focusing on the project development segment of the value chain.


SoloPower Systems, Inc.

Headquarters:  Portland, OR
Date of Initial Investment: 2008

SoloPower Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of solar PV cells and modules from the thin film copper, indium, gallium and selenium (“CIGS”) material system on a flexible substrate using a continuous, roll-to-roll manufacturing process. SoloPower expects to sell its product to commercial and industrial (“C&I”) rooftop installations through project developers, utilities or intermediate distributors. SoloPower’s module product offerings compete favorably against alternative offerings from other thin film manufacturers due to their relatively lower cost of production and relatively higher performance. The product can be sold into established markets, where it achieves a competitive advantage through lower installation costs by eliminating mounting systems, and in new markets where the product’s lightweight properties allow it to be installed on roofs that cannot otherwise support the weight of a conventional PV system.

Silicor Materials, Inc.

Headquarters: San Jose, CA
Date of Initial Investment: 2008

Silicor Materials, Inc. (formerly Calisolar, Inc.) is a manufacturer of solar and aluminum products, including the leading high-quality, low-cost solar silicon. The company has silicon purification operations at the company's wholly owned subsidiary, Calisolar Canada Inc., located in Ontario, Canada, and a state-of-the-art research and development center in Berlin, Germany. Due to its proprietary manufacturing processes, solar wafers and cells using Silicor Materials' product are indistinguishable from other high-performance PV products at a lower cost than conventional solar manufacturers.


Wind to Power System

Headquarters: Madrid, Spain
Date of Initial Investment: 2008

w2pS is a global provider of products and services aimed at addressing the issue of renewable energy grid integration. Headquartered in Madrid, Spain, w2pS is a rapidly growing company primarily engaged in designing, supplying, and installing power control and conversion devices for the wind and solar sectors. The company has developed a suite of grid integration products which, among other things, provides low voltage ride-through capability and reactive power control and caters to a rapidly expanding global market including Spain, Germany, China, and the United States. As renewable energy penetration has grown, w2pS is well positioned to access both wind and solar markets, as well as other renewable markets as technologies mature. 


Eagle Creek Renewable Energy

Headquarters: Morristown, NJ
Date of Initial Investment: 2010

Hudson has established Eagle Creek Renewable Energy as a platform for small-scale hydro-electric asset roll-up in the U.S. The company has a portfolio of operating projects in Northeast and Midwest U.S. The company plans to expand its footprint through further acquisitions and asset development.




 Powermat Technologies

Headquarters: Neve Ilan, Israel
Date of Initial Investment: 2012

Powermat is the leading provider of wireless power solutions (>65% market share) and is well positioned to maintain that leadership due to its innovative business model, experienced management team and strategic partners, which include Procter & Gamble and General Motors. Powermat is initially focused on providing wireless, energy-efficient charging solutions for portable electronic devices, particularly smartphones.



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